Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

World Digestive Health Day: WDHD 2023


Tools and Resources

In support of the 2023 campaign, World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) is pleased to provide tools and resources for use across the globe.

Available tools and resources:

You are invited to share your resources with us by contacting Resources that you share may be linked to from this page and promoted.

Helpful Resources

WGO is pleased to identify various helpful resources for the general public in order to assist them in understanding the important role of diet in GI health. Multiple informational pieces on the GI tract and a healthy diet will be distributed worldwide for patients including children, gastroenterologists, primary care providers, and other healthcare professionals. WGO thanks the creators of these resources for making them publicly available.

Campaign Toolkit

Click on the button below to download the Campaign Toolkit for WDHD 2023. The toolkit includes social media graphics, the 2023 WDHD logo files, and slides to use in PowerPoint presentations.

Selfie Cards

As part of the campaign, we have developed a variety of Selfie Cards with short messages related to digestive health. Our hope is to gather photos from all over the world of people holding these messages, raising awareness of the importance of a healthy gut. Submit a Selfie Card photo for this campaign today!

Aims of the WDHD 2023 Campaign

The aim of the World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) 2023 campaign is to educate the public about the normal functions of the GI tract and ways to keep it healthy, with a focus on healthy eating from infancy thru adulthood. Our goal is to promote a healthy gut for life going forward rather than focusing on diseases and looking for their causes. In diet, we will focus on the need for adequate protein, promoting fiber, and limiting sugary food and drinks.

Through a multi-faceted WDHD 2023 campaign, WGO seeks to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy GI tract with simple information for the general public (adults and children) that includes:

  •  The normal function of the GI tract
    • Digestion and absorption: Breaks down food so that nutrients and fluids can be taken up in the intestine and provide energy for the body
    • Immune defense: 70-80% of the bodies immune system is in the gut
    • Brain-gut axis: The gut is called the “second brain,” and its interactions with the nervous system are important
    • House of the intestinal microbiome
  • How diet affects one's daily life and its importance to health. Provide parents and caregivers of children evidence-based guidance on the elements of a healthy diet from infancy thru adolescence.
  • Develop educational and training materials based on the latest recommendations for healthy eating and distribute to physicians including gastroenterologists and surgeons, dieticians, other health professionals, and the lay public.

WGO Global Guidelines and Cascades

The WGO Guidelines Library contains 27 practice guidelines with cascades written from a viewpoint of global applicability. The following WGO Global Guidelines and Cascades are featured as useful resources for the WDHD 2023 campaign. The guidelines are globally applicable, and the cascades offer different options for diagnosis and treatment depending on the resources available.

Select the button below to view the respective Guideline and Cascade. All Guidelines are available in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

WDHD 2023 Banner and Logo

The WDHD banner and logo are provided to help you promote your WDHD 2023 initiatives. Download the banner and logo below. Please note that WDHD graphics are for non-commercial use only.

WDHD 2023 Banner

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WDHD 2023 Logo

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WDHD 2023 Logo

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