Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

World Digestive Health Day: WDHD 2023

Selfie Cards


Download #WDHD2023 Selfie Cards

Hosting a WDHD event or looking to raise awareness via social media? Show your support by submitting Selfie Card photos!

How do you submit a photo? It is easy! First, select your design from the options below - there are even some blank options if you want to write your own message! Next, print out your card and have someone take your photo while you hold the Selfie Card. You are welcome to include colleagues in your photo! Once you have your photo, send it to WGO and share it with your network!

Submit your Selfie Cards images!

We will be featuring submitted photos on WGO's social media accounts and on the WDHD website. Please submit your Selfie Card images if you would like to contribute - email photos to

Click on the image to download!

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A Healthy Gut From the Start

Absorbing all nutrients for a healthy body

Eating with confidence

Being Energized & Clear-Headed

Enjoying my meals without worry

Feeling energy from my diet

A Healthy Gut = A Happy Life

Eating a meal without indigestion

Knowing my digestive system
is important to my health