Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

Diseases from food and water are the leading cause of illness in travelers.
Follow these tips for safe eating and drinking

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially before eating. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand gel (with at least 60% alcohol).
  2. In areas where water is contaminated, travelers should not brush their teeth with tap water.
  3. Drink only bottled or boiled water, or carbonated (bubbly) drinks in cans or bottles.
  4. Avoid tap water, fountain drinks, and ice cubes. If this is not possible, learn how to make water safer to drink.
  5. Water on the surface of a beverage can or bottle may also be contaminated. Therefore, the area of a can or bottle that will touch the mouth should be wiped clean & dry.
  6. Do not eat food purchased from street vendors.
  7. Make sure food is fully cooked.
  8. Avoid dairy products, unless you know they have been pasteurized.
  9. Some fish are not guaranteed to be safe even when cooked because of the presence of toxins in their flesh.
  10. Infants younger than 6 months should either be breast-fed or be given powdered commercial formula prepared with boiled water.


You can also download a PDF version of the Tips here: 10 Eating & Drinking Tips While Traveling