Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

WDHD - Afghanistan

Dr. Khawaja Qamaruddin organized a celebration on May 29, 2008 at the National Ministry of Public Health in Kabul, Afghanistan.

WDHD - Belarus

Location: Minsk, Belarus

A National conference in Minsk was held on 26 May 2008, “Preventive and Clinical Nutrition”, supported by the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic Belarus. Topics of discussion included nutrition properties such as preventive factors for health for population, nutrition in clinical practice: food intolerance as clinical problem, efficacy and safety dietetic treatment: evidence and myth, and food labeling standards for health claims.

WDHD - Egypt

Location: Conrad Cairo Hotel, Egypt

1st Hepatology & Gastroenterology Post Graduate course, 28-29 November, 2008. This course addressed new topics in Hepatology and Gastroenterology and included lectures as well as interactive training sessions. For more information:

WDHD - Kazakhstan

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Event: International Conference in Astana October 30-31 2008. "Precancer diseases in Gastroenterology. Modern methods of diagnostic, treatment and prevention.” The conference addressed preventative and clinical nutrition, Biological Active Supplements, and the role of the nutrition in the prevention of cancer. Organizer: Professor R.R.Bektaeva

WDHD - Mexico

Location: Mexico City , Convention Center "Antonino Fernandez" at the Hospital Españlol de México

A Gala featuring Dr. José de Jesàs Villalobos and Dr. José Naves, who were also present at the First WGO Congress at Washington 1958, occurred including discussions of their experiences from 1956. Dr. Bockus , MCS Anas Bertha Pérez Lizaur and Dr. Juan Miguel Abdo , conducted a lecture about Mexico and its international relationships. In a two-hour lecture, Dr. S Jacoband, an expert in Probiotics and Digestive Health explained Probiotics in Digestive Health and Disease. This event ended with a concert featuring Mexico's best national soprano Lourdes Ambriz.

An elaborate syllabus was provided with each of the conferences and weekly public announcements about digestive health and optimal nutrition via radio, TV, and press were made by Dr. Rivera Ramos and continued throughout the rest of the year. As a result of the World Digestive Health Day events, the public was more aware of the ways to improve and take responsibility for their own digestive health. A long-term goal, would be to conduct several similar lectures for medical audiences at different cities within Mexico covering this same information. »View Program Overview

WDHD - Spain

The Spanish Society of Gastroenterology produced a Spanish language compendium of 18 WGO guidelines for free distribution during the national Spanish congress of gastroenterology. 1,500 copies were distributed during this event in May 2008.


Location:Sharjah, UAE


The Emirates Gastroenterology Society held a one day CME course about nutritional health on May 30, 2008. In addition, the society planned to launch a year long public awareness campaign about nutrition across the Emirates on May 29, 2008. For more information, please visit:

WDHD - Venezuela

The Sociedad Venezolana de Gastroenterología, (SVG), organized a series of events with national impact such as forums, Demonstrative presentations, educational presentations to the community, elaboration of nutritional brochures, informational guides and a Gastro-recipe book. All information on events were provided via newspapers, radio and TV. The series of events allowed SVG the opportunity to educate and thus generate changes in health habits of the public, with the help of a gastroenterologists in the community. For more information please visit: