Ongoing WDHD Campaigns

Message from the President

Each year the Word Gastroenterology Organisation celebrates World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) on the 29th of May, the anniversary of the founding of the organisation in Washington, DC, USA in 1958, by highlighting an important topic in the area of digestive health and disease. Such has been the success of prior topics, such as helicobacter pylori and hepatitis, that this year we have extended activities around this years topic, nutrition and digestive health to cover the entire year. We are delighted that, in this year when we celebrate our 50th anniversary, so many activities relating to this crucial topic are being planned by our colleagues in national societies throughout the world. Working together we can make fellow health care professionals, the general public and our governments more aware of issues, local, national and global, relating to nutrition and, especially, as they relate to digestive health and disease.

Eamonn Quigley, President WGO (2005-2009)


Highlights and Happenings of WDHD 2008


Public events in honor of WDHD

WGO encourages all members to organize an event to raise awareness about Optimal Nutrition in Health and Disease in their community.

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Supporting Guidelines & Cascades

To access the Global Guidelines on Probiotics and Obesity please visit the Supporting Guidelines and Cascades page!


Tools & Resources

This pages features information about WDHD 2008 for both the general public and health care professionals:

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